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Thembo Kash – A bomb!!


– “A bomb!!.. An atomic bomb!!!”

– “Let it go man! It is a C4, Cube Maggi… Nothing real”

Thembo Kash – Milk drunk


“Milk drunk”


1. “My children… the one round  presidential elections is a bad idea that I do not recommend you…” (Live Cardinal Laurent)


2. “What is my problem here? You are cardinal with your bible and at AMP party we are the big priests in constitutional review, our business!…”


3. “Shut up, otherwise we will relocate you or cut your relation with Vatican! Ok? … Hic!”


Thembo Kash – Ivory Coast: A missed appointment!

Cote d'Ivoire rendez vous manque

Ivory Coast: A missed appointment!


– Democracy City

Thembo Kash – Axiom of Professor Kagame


Axiom of Professor Kagame


1998: Axiom of Professor Kagame (The international Community closes its eyes on the repeated invasion of Congo by Kagame).


-Paul Kagame: “The genocidal are Hutu; The former Zaire is populated by Bantu;  There exists an obvious link!…”


– NRRROOO, ZZZ! (weariness and sleep of the international community: U.K. France, USA, etc.)



Thembo Kash – Come get me

Come get me

Thembo Kash – CNDP AMP Kishasa


1. “Go ahead, I will stay here”
2.”Yes for suit and ties to pass unnoticed.”
3.”Me, I can’t let down the uniform and theAK47 which made our fortune and respectability.”




Thembo Kash – Eternal Transition

Thembo K