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Segun Awosiyan-Nothing for the Citizens

Awosiyan Segun – Defections… EFCC

One of the reasons why people defect to a ruling political party is that they expect to be protected from economic and financial crime prosecution.

In this cartoon, two individuals are having a chat. The two individuals are each holding a broom, signaling that they are members of the All Progressives Congress (APC), the party in power. One of the individuals asks if the other knows why he decided to defect to the APC. Answering his own question, he states that he defected for “the same reason that stops [his friend] from leaving” the APC: protection from prosecution.

On the other side of the cartoon is a banner with the logo of the EFCC (the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) on it. As one would expect of shady individuals, the conversing individuals are not close to the logo. This is often the case in Nigeria. Politicians do not like the EFCC not to talk of the idea of moving close.

Awosiyan Segun – Easy to Defect from One Party to Another…

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) that was once rejected by members of the Nigerian political elites seems to be the same party they are running to for refuge. In previous cartoons, we have talked about how members of the PDP defected in 2013 and form the All Progressives Congress (APC).

It’s, however, funny that just after 5 years, some of those defectors are back again in PDP jostling for a good grip of the umbrella – logo of the PDP.

Overall, this cartoon is a commentary on politicians self-interest and how easy it is for politicians to defect to a different party.

Awosiyan Segun – Defection of National Assembly Members

Awosiyan Segun – Defection…Nigerian Politicians