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A.L.O. – Brethren, Even the God we Serve..

A.L.O. introduces a priest to us. The priest, apparently, sees nothing wrong with the rate at which Nigerian politicians are defectiong from one party to another. According to the priest, defection is, in a way, scriptural. It is similar to what God wants people to do: to defect from their “sinful ways to the righteous path.”

This priest may be one of the many Nigerian priests who are yesmen to politicians.

Laobis Obilonu – APC Lawmakers Defect to PDP

Awosiyan Segun – Defections: What’s in it for the Citizens…

As politicians defect from one political party to another in their race towards 2019, this cartoon asks what Nigerian citizens would gain from the choice of politicians to defect. Unsurprisingly, the interest of the masses and national interest are inconsequential. Politicians’ personal interest, according to Awosiyan Segun, is almost always the number one factor driving the choice to defect.

Awosiyan Segun – The Drama in the National Assembly

Bennet Omeke – Defections PDP Now Majority in Senate


Here, two canoes are sailing. The canoe with an umbrella (the logo of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP) looks bigger than the canoe with a few people, the All Progressives Congress (APC) canoe. There are also images of individuals swimming towards the umbrella-adorned canoe. There is also bird that is rhetorically responding to the news of PDP now being the majority in the Nigerian Senate.

Considering that APC is an amalgamation of few political parties and some PDP stalwarts, some political commentators have asked the same question asked by the flying bird. The loyalty of some APC members to APC have always been questioned.


Samuel Muigai – Defections and Coalitions

muigal-defections and coalitions