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Doaa El Adi – Judges

Abdallah – What About Us

Mohamed Sabra – Loading

Shazely Belkamesa – Corruption

Alshamali – New Creature

Translation: (Results of Revolution Lap) Diagnosis of his personality: He is a dictatorsoldier, and the only one right. He is hypocrite and crook like Mubarak and crazy like Gaddafi. He is so cruel like Alsad and butt kisser like Ali Saleh.

Alshamali – Reason Behind Stomach Bloating

Translation: (Stomach Washing Machine). Man: What happened to this man?. Doctor: Short story, he ate all Mauritania and that caused him a stomach bloating. Very normal!

Khaled Mawaly – Official ِAnnouncement

Translation: Together to fight corruption and bribery

Victor Ivanoff – Japie Jaapman

Victor Ivanoff - Japie Jaapman

Retin – The Price of Enrollment


– “I’m the cousin of the friend of the step-father of the principle. If you have a little money I can enroll your child here [school].”
– “Hm! Look out for intermediaries.”