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Azeez Ozi Sanni-Who Is the Enemy

Casimiro Pedro – Eleições

1. “The tribunal is preparing the final list of parties running for elections”.
2. “Finally we will be able to know who is who and where each one is.”

Ahmed Nady – Egyptian Spider man

Laobis Obilonu – SARS…Flashback

Awosiyan Segun – Defections: What’s in it for the Citizens…

As politicians defect from one political party to another in their race towards 2019, this cartoon asks what Nigerian citizens would gain from the choice of politicians to defect. Unsurprisingly, the interest of the masses and national interest are inconsequential. Politicians’ personal interest, according to Awosiyan Segun, is almost always the number one factor driving the choice to defect.

Khaled Mawaly – Bills

Translation: electricity bill, citizen, water bill

Black Baby – A Changed Woman

Harrison Jiedueh - Changed Woman