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Ras Manyanga-Lockdown

Albert Ohams – Men of God or Bed

A.L.O. – Many Former Governors…

Kham – Prayer Meeting

kham-prayer meeting

Willy Zekid – Il y a “Des Missions” …et “Démission”

willy zekid -des missions et demission

Dod-Zi – Everything, in the name of God!

dod-zi-tout au nom de dieu

1.”Welcome! I hunt demons in bulk and in detail!
  • Every prayer costs only 1000F!”
  • “Church of ‘get me out of poverty”
  • “Church Donation first! 109 yards”[on sign]
  • Nyemb Popoli – Men and Women


    – “Don’t slap your wife anymore! After all, men are women are equals!” – “Yet it was you who said that a woman is only the 12th rib of man.”

    Sérgio Zimba – IURD

    Sergio Zimba - IURD


    Man in uniform in the foreground is wearing a cap that represents the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG, or, in Portuguese, “IURD”) and a money pouch prepared to receive both dollars and meticais (the currency of Mozambique)

    Woman I: Did you see that, Yvonne? He’s collects money for the Universal Church.

    Woman II: Don’t be so cynical. Maybe he’s from a place called the “Universal Institute of Racking Up Funds.”