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Casimiro Pedro – Fim do ano de 2017

1.”2017 was a difficult year.”
2.”But it renewed the hope for better days.”

Casimiro Pedro – Escolas Públicas e Privadas

1. “There are more private schools than public schools in Luanda.”
2. “Shouldn’t be the opposite?”

Casemiro Pedro – União Européia e as Eleições

1. At the end, the government “invited” the observers from the European Union to follow the elections in August.”
2. “The American Voice, as they do not know Spanish, the ended up switching “invited” to “avoided” creating a new problem.”

Casimiro Pedro – Fraude nas Eleições

1. “The oposition yesterday did not talk about fraud in the electoral process.”
2. “I am starting to get worried!”

Casimiro Pedro – Financiamento para Eleições

1. “The opposition wants to receive the funding for elections.”
2. “There are no doubts about the process anymore.”

Casimiro Pedro – Lista de Candidatos

1. “The parties are about to complete their list of candidates”.
2. “It is similar to the sports, some are relisted due to the lack of alternatives.”

Casimiro Pedro – Candidatos às Eleições


1. “The list of candidates to elections are fixed.”
2.”Many politicians are against their own will.”

Casimiro Pedro – External Inspiration for Politics

1. “Some parties prefer to show themselves in foreign countries than in our own.”
2. “The “inspiration” for politics also comes from there.”

Casimiro Pedro – Imprensa e Eleições

1. “There are people that want to forbid the press to talk about elections.”
2. “It even looks like they miss the colonial period.”

Casimiro Pedro – Eleições

1. “The tribunal is preparing the final list of parties running for elections”.
2. “Finally we will be able to know who is who and where each one is.”