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Albert Ohams – Born pickin@ Okowa’s rally, collect 2m

Obe Ess – Changing Language

Here, Ess is playing with words while also taking us through the mind of a typical Nigerian politician running for an office.

In what looks like President Muhammadu Buhari having a conversation with a member of his cabinet or party, Ess mocks the leadership of the All Progressives Congress’ for failing to keep up with its campaign promises, and then declares the party “rootless”.

Bethuel Mangena – ANC Elective Conference

8 July 2017

Ashraf Hamdi – Election Campaign Program

Translation: The election campaign program for the candidate Hazem Salah Abu Ismail

EB Asukwo – Unrecognizable

EB Asukwo- Unrecognizable cartoon

Samuel Muigai – Campaign Funds


Micky Junior – CCM’s Torch

CCM's Torch

CCM: The ruling party in Tanzania
Mwenge: torch
Mbio mbio: faster

Neivaldo Nhatugueja – Cenas da Nossa Campanha

Neivaldo Nhatugueja - Cenas da Nossa Campanha


Candidate on Microphone: If you re-elect me, I’ll keep up this charade!

Riled Member from the Crowd: He has no shame! He’s promising to beat us down again!