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Abdelghani Dahdouh – Bouteflika Resigns

Abdelghani Dahdouh – Help

Abdelalghani Dahdouh – Migration

Abdelghani Dahdouh – The Mediterranean Wall

Abdelghani Dahdouh – Long Sword

Benhariza Abdelghani – As years go by…

Abdelghani - 1962 to 2013





















 – I want a photocopy of this… my situation hasn’t changed since 1962

Benhariza Abdelghani – Cartoon Nineteen

Abdelghani - bloated corpulent






















Two hundred days, a record that a Palestinian captive breaks..as a protest against Zionist practices.

– (right) I’m afraid that ‘Samer Issaoui’ will enter the Guinness book of records!

– Arab leader: who is  ‘Samer Issaoui’ is he a researcher or an athlete?

Benhariza Abdelghani – The Egyptian revolution

Abdelghani - cart 16

– Egyptians at the start of the revolution…..

– Egyptians after a year of the revolution…..?

Benhariza Abdelghani – Cartoon Seventeen

Abdelghani - cart1


















Starting the first round of the French elections with the unpopularity of Sarkozy.

Benhariza Abdelghani – Cartoon Sixteen

Abdelghani - cart2

















About the presidents of neighboring countries…?

1 The president run away

2 The president is killed

3 Coup against president