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Petros Kahsai- Suprise

Floribert Nisabwe (ALIF) – Power outages

Lybek – Respected thieves

Niyi Aragbaola (NEARO) – NAIJA Oil

Donisen Donald – New government of Togo

New Government of Togo

New Government team: Agbe and Taama making eyes to Klassou


1. “Mr. the Prime Minister, please take me in your government. I know how to shoot and can be minister of security”


2.”Me, I know to dance ‘Agbadja’. I can be a good minister. See, I can show you a demonstration: Zigli, ZAZA-Zigli!”


3.”Heyyy Agbey, you are strong though!”






Siphiwo Sobopha – Africa and its leaders

Siphiwo Africa

Popa Matumula – Economy

Popa Matumula , Tanzania

Donisen Donald – Le Togo a des “Problèmes de Difficulté”

Donald Donisen- le Togo problemes

Togo has a “problem of difficulty”

  • 1.”Oh my God, how can I walk with such a heavy burden?”
  • Domestic debt 752 milliards (local currency:500FCFA =$1 US)
  • External debt 305,4 milliards
  • 2.”Eh God! Togo is suffering. Anyway I wouldn’t like to be at its place”