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Amr Selim – Cartoon Five

AMR SELIM -cartoon 3

I love you Sousou, as much as there are raindrops, leaves of trees, and police agents  in our country!!

Amr Selim – Cartoon Four

AMR SELIM cartoon6

Hisham Talaat Mustafa gets out of prison very soon
“I’m on my waaaayyyyy”

Amr Selim – The Only Thing Left

AMR SELIM on soccer as escape

“It’s totally natural that we fight, scream, and fight each other..
Soccer is the only thing that remains for us”

Amr Selim – Cartoon Three


AMR SELIM-cartoon2

Woman: Jamal is who started the modernization revolution…haha I just can’t stop laughing.. my heart is going to stop beating!
Man in blue: The senate is independent hahaha
Man in green: to the last heart beat.. hahaha aw my heart!
Man in red: To the last breath hahaha

Amr Selim – Cartoon Two


AMR SELIM-cartoon4

“Now I understand you”

Amr Selim – Cartoon One

AMR SELIM-cartoon5

The man’s heart is aching; he needs somebody to spoil him

The band of the national party.