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Ali Masoud – Osama Identity

Ali Masoud - Osama Identity copy

If its all about the beard, then take heed rest you are given a fake Osama.
Here he is.
USA; He must die.

Ali Masoud – The US and Terror Anxiety

Ali Masoud - The US and Terror Anxiety copy

#@!! Rubbish!
Fret not Brother. That is just a banana peel!
Sign – Arabs

Ali Masoud – Media Freedom and the Government’s “Top Secret”

Ali Masoud "Kipanya" - Media Freedom and the Government copy 2

Now what? Don’t you see I am just standing behind you? After all, I have no axe nor blade and I have not even touched you!

Siri Kali (from “serikali – Government) – top secret

sign – The press

Ali Masoud – Obasanjo the Pacifier

masoud kipanya - Obasanjo the Pacifier

That’s how African leaders are!

Ali Masoud – US Diplomacy!

Masoud Kipanya - US "Diplomacy"

I was expecting a more diplomatic solution for this!

Ali Masoud – Africa’s Laggage

Masoud Kipanya - OAU Hands Over to AU!

OAU:I’ve met so many difficulties before I reached the top of this hill with this luggage. Now it’s your turn to drive downhill.
The mouse: Mh ! The luggage is heavy and the slope is steep!
T-shirt: OAU (Organization of African Unity)
Luggage: debts, war, aids, hunger, lacking education
Road sign: Development

Ali Masoud – Kadafi on the White Colonists

Masoud Kipanya 1

Kadafi: “White colonists have no place in our Africa.”
Mouse: “If the issue is the skin color, then be careful because Africa itself is already mixed up. Take care lest it turns against you.”