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Daavi – Dollar settlement


Yacouba Diarra (alias Kays) – Living cost

Living cost

Living cost

-Person 1:”Cheap fruit and peanut”

– Person 1: “Confess that you have no money, hein?!”

– Person 2: “Who told you that I am a Malinke? ”

Donisen Donald – Fuel, Togolese await the true price

Carburant, les togolais attendent la verite des prix

Fuel, Togolese await the true price

1- “You are on the radio Gnandoe FM! the price of the barrel drop down on the global market”.

2- “wow! You wear that right? You have to practice the true of fuel in Togo!”

3- “What? Me, I heard nothing!”

4-“Neither do I!”

Mare Mouton – Weekend supplement of “Nasionale Koerante”


Fred Mouton – No, uncle Hendrik, I don’t believe you can sell eggs like lemons’