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Masoud Junior – Train

Masoud Junior - Train

Panel 1:
Person 1: So how did he get hit by a train?
Person 2: It’s the train driver’s fault, he approached him too closely…
Panel 2:
Person 2: and when he hit him, he sped away and nobody had seen his license plate!

Masoud Junior – Greetings

Masoud Junior - Greetings

Panel 1: Hey donkey, why don’t you greet the elders?
Panel 2: I didn’t know that humans have a habit of greeting each other!

Masoud Junior – Cow Dung

Masoud Junior - Cow Dung

Panel 1: Who put this cow dung here?
Panel 3: Who do you think produces cow dung every day?

Masoud Junior – Lawncare

Masoud Junior - Lawncare

Masoud Junior – Talent

Masoud Junior - Talent

Panel 1: This well-off young man shouldn’t think of beer and women right now, they will turn his life upside down for nothing.
Panel 2: Why wouldn’t this be a time for resting, having fun and expand his knowledge in this way.