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“The Change We Need” by Ganiyu “Jimga” Jimoh

"Self Portrait." Credit: Jimga

“Self Portrait.” Credit: Ganiyu Jimoh

Jimga’s “The Change We Need” exhibit showing in the main lobby of the International Center, Michigan State University from October 1 – 30, 2015. We thank the artist for agreeing to share the exhibit through AfricaCartoons.com as well.

Artist’s Statement

My artistic practices have always been to express the incongruities of my society in a subtle way. I believe it is my responsibility to take artistic obligation of contributing to the solutions through visual expressions that can provoke discourse on socio-political veracities.
Abdul Rahim Nagori (1939 – 2011), a Pakistani protest painter known for his socio-political themes once said:

…in art some artists are interested in solving the problems of style and techniques while others use style and techniques to express their socio-political views and in the process undertake artistic responsibility.

This exhibition of selected works, majority of which were published at the verge of last regime’s tenure, are expressions of the need for change in Nigeria. The cartoons are embedded with imageries, which keep speaking to our collective consciousness: How else do we explain the ever-increasing gap between the few rich and the majority poor in the largest economy in Africa? How do we fold our arms with gross rate of unabated corruption? “The Change We Need” is a visual snapshot, coming in the month of the Nation’s 55 Independence anniversary to commemorate and reflect on our pains and gains. Happy Independence Day, Nigeria!

— Jimga