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Learn More about Tony Namate


Tony Namate started his career in 1988 as the editorial cartoonist for the Herald newspaper, a media outfit controlled by the Zimbabwean government. Namate spent three years with the Herald before leaving to draw independent political cartoons in 1991. In 1999, Tony joined the Daily News of Zimbabwe. In 2000, a bomb was thrown at the office where Namate worked. A year later a set of bombs were placed in the building, destroying the printing press. The printing press was eventually closed down in 2003 when the Zimbabwean government refused to grant it a permit of operation. In 2004, at the annual convention of America’s top cartoonists in Lexington, Kentucky, Namate received the CRN Courage in Editorial Cartooning Award for his work at the Daily News. He now works for the website New Zimbabwe. His list of publications include The Emperor’s New Clods: Political Cartoons from Zimbabwe (2011), Writing on the Wall (1998) and State of the Nation (1997).

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