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Roy Clarke is Zambia’s leading political satirist. He holds a BSc degree in Engineering from Imperial College, University of London and an MA in Education from the University of Lancaster. He published a weekly column in The Post newspaper from 1996-2009, and since then has published the column as a weekly blog (www,kalakikorner.blogspot.com) which is also published in the Daily Nation (print) and the Zambian Watchdog (web). In addition to his work as a writer, he is also a partner (with Sara Longwe) in Longwe Clarke and Associates, a consultancy firm established in 1989 which specializes in gender and development. Roy came to Zambia from the United Kingdom in 1965. Before starting the consultancy partnership he worked for the Zambian Ministry of Education as a teacher and curriculum developer
(1967-1977) and as a lecturer at the University of Zambia (1979-1989).