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Fred Halla (b. 1975) is a Tanzanian cartoonist and painter. Halla began creating political cartoons in 1995 for a number of publications including Bara Africa, Watu, Sunday Observer, and Bridge. Halla later worked as a cartoonist and illustrator for Sanifu, before taking a position at Majira, where did editorial work and published the weekly cartoon strip Binti. More recently, Halla became the Chairman and Project Coordinator for the Rafiki Arts Trust, an organization which provides residencies, workshops, and support for Tanzanian visual artists.

Halla’s painting has been exhibited at the National Museum of Tanzania, and the Russian Cultural Center and the Finish Embassy in Dar es Salaam, among other places. He has won prizes for his artwork in the Don Bosco drawing and painting competitions in 1995 and 1996 and in the UNFPA Painting Competition and the Youth Festival, Uganda.

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