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Learn More about H.E. (Teddy) Winder


Henry Edward Winder (called “Teddy”) was born in London in 1897, served in ┬áthe army, and then attended the Slade School of Art in London. He moved to South Africa in 1920 and began working as a sports cartoonist for the Rand Daily Mail. From 1920-1980, Winder worked for the South African Newspapers Group as a cartoonist and cartographer, during which time he became famous for his skilled draughtsmanship.

Winder was also involved in the South African art scene, where he worked as a well-known critic and was instrumental in forming the South African Association of Arts, which helped send South African art exhibitions abroad. He served as president on the board of the Association for twenty years. In 1954, Winder was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He died in 1982.