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Learn More about G.W. Pilkington


George Willian Pilkington aka G.W. Pilkington was born in Sea Point, Cape Town in 1879. He was the brother of H.L.G. Pilkington and was a self taught artist, though he did get a bit of tuition from James Ford at the Cape Town School of Art in the 1890s. He was into sports and he enjoyed such activities as yachting and fishing. It wasn’t until 1924 that he began painting full-time with marine subjects being the sole subject at the time. His popularity was shown through successful shows in Johannesburg. It also became custom in Cape Town to give captains of visiting ships one of Pilkington’s works as a gift. Though there only seems to be two records of his participation in SASA exhibitions. Even being a self taught artist, he was commended on his skill and technique when it came to capturing marine pictures. Pilkington died in St. James, Cape, 1958.