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Learn More about E.A. Packer


Born in 1892 in England, Edgar Arnold Packer received training and worked as a cartoonist in England until 1921, when he moved to South Africa. He started out working for The Star, where he stayed until 1928, when he became a freelancer. He drew “Celebrities” as a full page strip for The Sjambok. One of his favorite subjects for caricature was his friend, politician Tielman Roos, who claimed that the cartoons kept him “from becoming a prig.” Packer also drew sports cartoons, both in London and South Africa. He is most famous under the name “Quip.” Packer died in 1932.

  • Travel site Gauteng posted a photo story on Cartoons in Context, a 2011 exhibit from Museum Africa in Johannesburg, featuring Packer’s work.
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