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Learn More about Len Lindeque


Leonard Nico Lindeque is one of the most famous South African cartoonists, particularly when discussing Afrikaans media. He was born in 1936 in Brakpan, and became a media artist in 1960 when appointed art director of Rooi Rose. He followed this job with ten years at Dagbreek en Landstem—later Rapport—after which he served as official cartoonist for Die Vaderland, where he stayed until his retirement. His media art took the form of illustrations, portraits, cartoons, caricatures, record covers, and fine art, and appeared in a number of magazines and newspapers. He also did the art for "Springbok," a comic strip for which Ralph Loubser wrote the text. His series "Len se Pen" was famous for poking fun at the weeks’ events. Cartoons after 1966 often included his trademark worms, Amos and Snowball, who would utter remarks Lindeque would like to make himself.

Lindeque’s status as renaissance man did not end with his pen. He acted in a number of films, did radio work, produced sound effects, and used his paramedic training to help deliver three babies. He also played rugby for the Diggers, appeared as a musician on five records, and had a natural aptitude for languages.