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Learn More about Dave Gaskill


Dave Gaskill was born in Liverpool, England in 1939. He first went into a career as an engineering draftsmen after studying for two years at Stockport college in Cheshire. He worked also as a design draftsman and during this time lived in both Germany and South Africa.

Gaskill would not publish his first cartoon until 1971 and it appeared in the Manchester Evening News. Still, his career as a full fledged cartoonist and illustrator would not begin for another two years. He was already living in South Africa at this time and would eventually spend twelve years working as an editorial cartoonist newspapers such as: The Sunday Express, Citizen, Star, Financial Mail, Johannesburg Sunday Times, and Rand Daily Mail. He also dabbled in magazine work, advertising agencies, and television.

Later Gaskill would take his talents to Australia. He worked for the Business Daily, but also sent some of his work to News of the World in London. Some time later, he moved to New Zealand and took over as a regular cartoonist for the New Zealand Herald. After a brief six month stint there, he went back to England and became the editorial cartoonist for the newspaper Today. He stayed there until the newspaper ceased its publications and then moved to the Sun. He stayed there until 2003 as the editorial cartoonist, but continued his illustrations.

After leaving the Sun, he moved to Scotland for four years and worked for the Sunday Mail. He then returned to England and eventually published a graphic novel titled “Moll Perkins in America” in 2009.

  • Moll Perkins in America, 2009