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Learn More about Dov Fedler


Dov Fedler has been in the business of political cartoons for many years, drawing the main editorial political cartoons for a variety of South Africa’s daily newspapers since the 1960’s. He is also one the most well known political cartoonists thanks to his multi generational career span. He has worked at such papers as: The Star, The Cape Times, Pretoria New, The Mercury in Kwazulu Natal, and The Diamond Fields Advertiser. He averages about six cartoons a week which appear in each of these papers. His cartoons illustrate many events in South Africa’s history, both big and small. Each cartoon expresses things both good and bad as well as tragedy, celebration, and corruption. Thanks to his creativity, he is able to reach a wide variety of audiences in diverse communities.

  • Out of Line (2015)
  • My Son the Cartoonist (1974)