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Learn More about Wim Bosman


In South Africa, Wim Bosman is a well known cartoonist. In 1974, he began his long running comic strip “Louis die Laveld Leeu” which has been published in numerous Afrikaans Newspapers. There is also an existing English version called “Louis the Lowveld Lion”. The strip is about animals in the Lowveld bush and Kalahari desert. Louis the Lion, Baboon, Warthog, Vulture, and Rooster are the main characters.

His comics have been published in books and he has also published children’s books.

  • Louis die Laeveldleeu
  • Louis, die Laeveld-leeu en vriende
  • 100 van die Beste uit Louis die Laeveld Leeu & Bure
  • Louis, die Laeveld-leeu & trawante
  • Louis, die Laeveld-leeu en die skobbejakke
  • Kom ons Loer vir die Son
  • Sleepsurp van Addo
  • Dragtrunk of Addo