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Learn more about Amin Amir

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Amin Amir is a Somali-Canadian cartoonist and painter. After the start of the civil war in the early 1990s, he moved abroad, living in various countries. In 2000, he emigrated to Canada. Amir is a prominent visual artist within the Somali community. He works in a variety of genres, with his political cartoons being especially popular. Amir uses the Somali language in his texts, as Somalis comprise his principal audience. Amir has won various awards and recognition for his art. In 2004, Hiiraan Online named him its Person of the Year. He was also presented with an Award of Excellence and Lifetime Achievement by the Subiye Development Volunteers Organization and other NGOs. Additionally, Amir was a runner-up in the 2011 Hadaf Somalia International Cartoon Competition.