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Learn More about Josy Ajiboye


Josy Ajiboye has been an active cartoonist and artist in Nigeria since the early 1960s. He began working for magazines, such as African Challenge, as an illustrator and artist right after finishing secondary school. During this period, he continued his education and training in art, particularly in painting, through his work at Challenge. By the late 1960s, Ajiboye left Challenge and began working as a cartoonist for the Morning Post and then the Daily Times. Later, through connections at the Daily Times, Josy Ajiboye became an editor of the Sunday Times allowing him to regularly contribute cartoons to the paper on politics and social commentary.

Now, Josy Ajiboye has become the one of the most well-known cartoonists in Nigeria, rivaling Akinola Lasekan–the pioneer of cartooning in Nigeria. Ajiboye has been a part of numerous exhibitions and received many awards for his decades of experience in journalism.


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