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Learn More About Abdellatif Zeraidi


Zeraidi-Abdellatif is a Moroccan cartoonist who was born in Ouezzane, a northern town in Morocco, in 1960. He is one of the pictorial art figures in the Maghreb region. At the age of 20, he joined the school of Fine Arts in Tetouan. Because of his revolt character and severe criticism to the lack of freedom of expression, he was expelled from the school in 1982.
He worked in the printing house in Rabat for a while before going back to pursue his studies in Tetouan School. During this period, Zeraidi made a living by selling his first works of landscape, portraits and dead nature in Tetouan and Rabat. In 1889, he earned a certificate in studies of fine arts from the National School of Fine Arts in Dijon.
The main topics of his cartoons are politics and the absence of social and economic justice in Morocco. The controversial cartoons of Zeraidi severely criticize the political system in general and the monarchy system in Morocco in particular. As a consequence, he lived in exile between Luxembourg and Italy form 1990 to 2004. He returned to Morocco for a short period of 18 months before definitely moving to France in 2005.