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Learn More about Repiblik Zanimo


Repiblik Zanimo is a Mauritian cartoon strip produced by an unknown artist. It was first published as a comic strip in the daily newspaper Libération from November 1974 to April 1975. Later, at least 5,000 copies of Repiblik Zanimo were printed in book form, many of which were distributed at meetings of the political party Union Démocratique Mauricienne (UDM). The comic itself is an adapted version of George Orwell’s book Animal Farm put into cartoon form over ninety four-framed comic strips. Although the artist behind Repiblik Zanimo is unknown, the UDM activist Rafick Gulbul is credited with providing the Creole language bubbles for the strip. Some scholars believe that the cartoon strip may have been produced outside of Mauritius and given to the UDM to use as a political tool in their fight against the Marxist oriented party Mouvement Militant Mauricien (MMM).