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Learn More about Didier Mada


Please visit Didier Mada’s website here for more information and cartoons.

Didier Hariniaina Ramamonjiarisoa Randriamanantena (Didier Randriamanantena), best known under his pen name “Didier Mada,” is a prolific cartoonist. Didier Mada has published his work individually as well as collaboratively in more than 16 collections. His cartoons cover a wide variety of topics, but he is especially known for his historical cartoons depicting the history of Madagascar and France. In addition to winning numerous awards for his artwork, which has been exhibited throughout the world, Didier Mada has taught painting and cartooning internationally. Didier Mada is also the founder and president of Mada BD Kolontsaina, an association dedicated to publishing and helping young cartoonists in Madagascar. Didier Mada splits his time between Paris and Antananarivo.


Didier Mada’s full bibliography of his published cartoon albums can be found on his website, http://didiermada.wordpress.com. However, a selection of his publications can be found below.

  • Mada, Didier. Even: Epoque 1: Silvius. YIL, 2013.
  • Mada BD, Didier. Imboa: Le Roi et Ifara. Italy:Lai Momo, 2004.
  • Randriamnantena, Didier. Dahalo: Tsifaly. Madagascar: Mada BD, 2004.
  • Randriamnantena, Didier. Nampoina. Madagascar: Mada BD & CGM, 2002.