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Learn more about Paul “Madd” Kalemba

Visit Madd’s website, Its a Madd, Madd World.


Paul Kalemba, better known by his pseudonym Madd or Maddo, officially began his cartooning career with the Daily Nation in 1986 before moving to the Standard Newspaper in 1989. His column, “It’s a Madd, Madd World,” has run un-interrupted in the Standard since 1989. It began as a black and white comic strip before becoming what it is today, a full page, color cartoon. In addition to cartooning, Madd works with Gado, Kham, and Frank to run a media studio, 4-Dimension Innovative Studio.

  • Paul Kelemba, It’s a Madd, Madd World! : The Hot Years 2007-2011. Nairobi, Kenya: Buni Media (2012).