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Learn More about Patrick Gathara

Gathara’s blog: Gathara’s World
Gathara’s other blog: Scarycature.
Gathara’s website (and the website of KATUNI): KenyaToons
@gathara on twitter


Patrick Gathara entered university as a Math and Physics student, but dropped out to pursue art. He is now an award winning political cartoonist and journalist. Gathara’s articles and cartoons can be found published in the The Star. He is also a consultant for Al Jazeera. Gathara’s work has been exhibited internationally and he has organized exhibitions and collections of cartoons. Gathara is also the Executive Director of the East Africa Cartoonists Association (KATUNI).

  • Gathara, Patrick. Gathara Will Draw For Food. Nairobi: P. Gathara, 2009.
  • Gathara, Patrick, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Association of East African Cartoonists. Drawing the Line: the History and Impact of Cartooning in Kenya. Nairobi: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Association of East African Cartoonists, 2004.