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Learn More about Jeff Ikapi



Jeff’s cartoonist career started in 2006 when he joined a local TV program called “Espace Jeunes” to draw a few cartoons. He also joined a local newspaper “Le NGANGA” and continued to improve his penmanship and wit. For two years he studied art at a school in Morocco where he learned more about infographics. He now works for an online news network in Gabon.

Jeff is the proud author of cartoon books such as “Les Mwanas”, “La Justice du Roi Okoume”, and “Le Croqueur Croque” edited by L’Harmattan BD in France. His new book is an homage to the victims and fellow cartoonists of the terrorist attacks in the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Jeff uses his media to fight for Freedom of Speech in Gabon and around the world.


  • Les Mwanas
  • La Justice du Roi Okoume
  • Le Croqueur Croque