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Learn More about Damien Glez

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Damien Glez is a cartoonist, author of the comic strip Divine Comedy (seen on his website here), assistant editor of the weekly Journal du Jeudi, and lecturer based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Glez’s cartoons have been published in papers internationally and shown in numerous exhibitions. Glez has been the recipient of prizes such as: Premios Muestra Internacional de Humor Grafico de FECO Argentina and the Cartoon/Caricature Competition of Banja Luka (2008). Damien Glez is a part of the organization Cartooning for Peace, where you can read more about him and see more of his cartoons. He also writes for the blog Bulles de Glez.

  • Damien Glez, “Presse satirique africaine : entre aridité politique et sécheresse économique,” Africultures 71 n2 (2007): 106-109.