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Khalil Bendib is an Algerian fine artist who grew up in Morocco and Algeria during the latter’s 1950s revolution. After receiving his bachelor’s in Algiers, Bendib left for the United States and went onto earn a Masters from the University of Southern California. Bendib remained in California, where he worked as a professional cartoonist and sculptor. In 1987, he retired as editorial cartoonist at Gannett Newspapers to focus on his sculptures. His first public work was the “Alex Odeh Memorial Statue,” an over-life size bronze erected in front of the Santa Ana Public Library. It honors Odeh, the regional director of Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee, who was assassinated in his Santa Ana office in 1985. Bendib has since sculpted several other public works for California, and been featured in exhibitions across the world.

Bendib currently resides in Berkely, CA, publishing cartoons in a number of newspapers across the USA, as well many independent organizations outside of mainstream media, like The Black Commentator and various other online publications. Bendib also contributes to the hour-long radio program Voices of the Middle East and North Africa and publishes articles at the blog Other Words.

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